Deserved students join rally, no Chinese and Indian?

Chinese and Indian claimed they’re more deserving to be in the public university, but according to Yong a well deserved student will join HKR112 rally, and amazingly non of our Chinese and Indian student to be seen?

Banner carrier, a deserved student.

Deserved student demanding free education.

Female Muslims students.

Now back to the main question everybody’s perplexed about where were the Chinese and Indian students?

More report at yongsukakuning.blogspot.com

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1Malaysia hand gesture is christian! Muslims cleric (Mufti) should issue a decree!

Christian threat didn’t go unnoticed by PAS eventhou we form alliance with pakatan rakyat, a PAS man, http://yongsukakuning.blogspot.com who is a lecturer at a public college wrote with strong word;

If U think 1Malaysia hand gesture was created by Najib? U are wrong!

Look at these pictures:


What’s on the tombstone?

My research on the subject yield this answer:

What does a right hand closed in a fist with the index finger pointing up 

mean on a tombstone?


There is one way, there is one God and Jesus is his son. The gesture was 

common in the 70’s for the Christians often referred to as the “Jesus 

Freaks” akin to the hippies with a Christian bent.

(Call upon) government’s Tok Mufti (cleric), ameno’s scholar and non scholar, (who) suddenly ask PAS to recall Hadi’s will. Thank you ameno for reviving the long forgotten will.

Don’t ignore the elephant in the room, If U think u are true.


No soul..

No wonder ameno begin to rot! They used the dead man sign!!!

The dead man wasn’t even muslims! let them carve any gesture on their tombstone. But U ameno who claimed to champion Islam why applauding the gesture?

Pity on school children who been taught to pose the hand gesture!

I wonder when those ameno guys die will the carve the 1Malaysia hand gesture on their tomb?

Kih Kih Kih


An AV Idol lover pisses at idola kecil’s parents

Most of Malaysian entertainment under Barisan Nasional are influenced by the west, they brought in unislamic unmoral culture like cheer leading, shuffling battle and entertainer worshiper to poison our youngster. 

rasakusut.blogspot who miraculously knows AV Idol (I search about it and recently found out) wrote;

Most idiot parents are of those of idola kecil contestants.

I’m really pissed with the show Idola kecil. am most disgusted at parents who feel proud when their children manage to get on idola kecil. These are idiotic parents. The producer of the show is also an idiot, but that’s another story.

I don’t understand why these parents prefer their children to be a singer. and why many moronic parents take their children to the audition. I think they thought singing carreer can make a lot of monies, as Anuar Zain made RM20k singging 5 songs in a show.

Does it comes to one’s mind that u will die one day, hence your children is a singer, reveal here and there (in dressing), then get a photo shoot with mangga. When they will pray for U? To those who comes to mind to pursue their children into singing career please think 2 million times before u done such a thing, foremost those with daughter. Her father will shoulder the sin till she get married.

I hope the show will be cancelled. Available singers are enough. It is difficult to give advice to ignorant’s parents. May be they prefer their children becoming an AV idol one day.

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PBS: Make a robot out of teacher, rest hour denied

The government should pay more attention to teacher’s well fare and day off, they shouldn’t be burden with clerical work out of their true task that is to teach.

Current PBS system has made a robot out of teacher.

Horrible internet connection makes matter worse.

Harakah reported,

KUALA LUMPUR: Persatuan Gerakan Kebangkitan Pendidik Kebangsaan (Pendidik) requested that the Ministry of Education reviews the implementation of the School-Based Assessment System (PBS) which contribute to extreme work stress among teachers.

President Pendidik has received too many complaints against PBS that some even described it as making a robot out of teacher and that their rights to off duty has been denied.

She said that clerical work has taken over the true task of a teacher that is to teach and deter the effectiveness of teaching and learning process in the classroom, which is the main factor to determine the success of PBS.

"Teachers have to burn the midnight oil to key in the acquired data at 2 am -3 am in the morning at home. If we have 40 pupils meaning we have to manage 40 files".

"This somewhat hampers teacher’s focus in classroom, what about those who have 120 pupils?" she said.

She added, in the implementation of PBS, ministry of education should pay serious attention to teachers rights, their off duty time and their welfare so that there will be no unnecessary clerical workload.

One more thing, bandwidth is the utmost important, presently many known issues are resulted from slow bandwidth and connection problem making the process to key in data almost impossible.

"Till the new network that replace the old unreliable school net didn’t fully take place, PBS should be halted and its implementation should be reviewed," She said.

Furthermore, what of the fate of 800,000 pupils from Sekolah Agama rakyat (SAR) that had been sidelined from PBS by declining them their PBS’s codes?

"Are they considered outsiders to the Malaysian education system? What about their future? As if the government had sidelined them even though they’re Malaysian," She added.

Therefore, she suggested that teachers should be given more professional development courses and planned enhancement courses so that PBS would run smoothly.



Outcry, one of Sabah UMNO leader is a non Malay

UMNO caught lying through their teeth when non Malays are found in their group, what say Najb?

team erapasca wrote,

Breaking news! Sabah UMNO chief apostatical

Kuala Lumpur - by @ tiewnama.

All these while UMNO made believe they’re synonym with Malays, and Malays is with Islam, and Islam is Malays, that’s what been instill to us by a Malay group named by the invader the brit, new UMNO.

UMNO is the largest and strongest Malay party in the world of scam in disguise of Islam. Penampang UMNO chief division, Datuk John Ambrose is the only chief division who is a pious Christian.

(It is clear now) to be an UMNO leader, one doesn’t have to be a Malay Muslim, it is enough as a Bumi, team era pasca has found out that there are more than 400k Christians in UMNO all these while, so there is a possibility that UMNO will be led by a non Muslim one day?

Everything is possible, (now) what about the slogan ‘long live the Malays’? It may seem that the slogan isn’t relevant anymore thus John Ambrose is not a Malay, who knows from what tribe he is, Filipino maybe.

According to the federal constitution, A Malay as define in article 160 (2) is a Muslim whether he is an ahlul sunnah wal jemaah, syiah, wahabi, salafi or whatever.

Hence a Malay as a Malaysian citizen born to a Malaysian citizen who professes to be a Muslim, habitually speaks the Malay language, adheres to Malay customs, and is domiciled in Malaysia or Singapore.

According to the constitution, non Muslims are not considered Malay.(Nah) How UMNO will continue to carry the slogan ‘long live the Malays’ because at the same time non Malays are allowed in the party and eventually becoming one of the leader?

This fact has made Hassan Ali dazzled for fear that UMNo will be Christianize  it is well known that Hassan Ali certainly will not accept this fact, for he is eyeing for the CM post of Selangor.