1Malaysia hand gesture is christian! Muslims cleric (Mufti) should issue a decree!

Christian threat didn’t go unnoticed by PAS eventhou we form alliance with pakatan rakyat, a PAS man, http://yongsukakuning.blogspot.com who is a lecturer at a public college wrote with strong word;

If U think 1Malaysia hand gesture was created by Najib? U are wrong!

Look at these pictures:


What’s on the tombstone?

My research on the subject yield this answer:

What does a right hand closed in a fist with the index finger pointing up 

mean on a tombstone?


There is one way, there is one God and Jesus is his son. The gesture was 

common in the 70’s for the Christians often referred to as the “Jesus 

Freaks” akin to the hippies with a Christian bent.

(Call upon) government’s Tok Mufti (cleric), ameno’s scholar and non scholar, (who) suddenly ask PAS to recall Hadi’s will. Thank you ameno for reviving the long forgotten will.

Don’t ignore the elephant in the room, If U think u are true.


No soul..

No wonder ameno begin to rot! They used the dead man sign!!!

The dead man wasn’t even muslims! let them carve any gesture on their tombstone. But U ameno who claimed to champion Islam why applauding the gesture?

Pity on school children who been taught to pose the hand gesture!

I wonder when those ameno guys die will the carve the 1Malaysia hand gesture on their tomb?

Kih Kih Kih